Sunday, July 15, 2012

The iSnap!

Finally, here is the iSnap! Yes, I know that's the worst looking clothes pin trigger you've ever seen.


  1. DUDE! I like those shorts!
    good choice of clash...

  2. So you use the original handle as a stock? Clever :)

  3. How much draw does it get? Because, if you're just running a hopper, the whole trigger setup would be a lot easier if you get an Xploderz 200 and just add a stock to that if they both get similar draw. Also, you should probably get some "industrial strength" plastic clothespins and fill them with hotglue (then again, I really need to pick some up as well).

    1. Yeah, my Xploderz Xblaster 200 gets about 5 inches of draw and can shoot a slug out of an RSCB about 75-80 feet, so he should easily get really great ranges. I would know lol:

  4. hey iMod < i got an Xploderz Stormer 1000 and was wondering if you could help me


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