Monday, July 8, 2013

Thailyer14's Package And Reviews!

Hey guys, ==>Thailyer<== (click)  sent me a package to review. This is a few days late so i'm very sorry! Let's get started:

Here's a 3K spacer, I didn't expect it to be perfect. But it's not too bad!
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The holes can easily be cleaned up.  
This spacer only fits PETG, 1/2" CPVC is to large,
Thailyer's compared to BBV's.
Side by side view.
He was also kind enough to send a small piece of polycarb! I could make two 3K spacers out of it.
And last but not least.... a PVC breech!
Almost 8"s in length 
O-ring near the back to help seal the breech.
The barrel had some goop in it, nothing hard to fix. 
I will also be reaming the CPVC.

I am very surprised on the breech, I would gladly buy one more from him! 
Everything I received.
 Thank you so much thailyer for sending these items to me to review!

Please check his YouTube and blog:



  1. That's actually a very nice barrel spacer if it was cut with a scroll saw and without the use of a disc sander.

    1. I never said it was bad, that's probably how one of mine would've turned out.

    2. Oh I know you never said it was bad. I was complimenting T14.


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