Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hasbro Christmas Products Reveal Party.

Hey guys, I went to Hasbro's reveal party today and I had lots of fun.
Here's my coverage for iModifyNerfs.

In the Nerf section they were displaying the New Rapidstrike CS-18 and the New Rebelle Line consisting of the Guardian Crossbow, Heartbreaker Bow and Pink Crush.

There were two target boards for people to shoot darts through with different score points.

The Elite and Rebelle lines had been separated into two sides of the courtyard, So I'll start with the Rebelle line.


The flagship of the Rebelle line is the Guardian Crossbow (Also my favourite Rebelle blaster).
It features a revolving 6 dart turret that rotates after every shot, much like the Strongarm. To prime this blaster you have to pull back the priming handle on the bottom, and then push it forward. It also features Slam fire, however this prototype model seemed to fail more often when I tried to slam fire it. The bow arms and string serve no purpose, but does look fun when you fire this blaster. However, I often saw young children trying to prime it from the top notch that the bow string goes through. Ergonomically and Aesthetically, this blaster is very comfy and looks good. The thumbhole stock adds the look to the blaster and increases stability. The stock is also fairly comfy, but far too short for myself. It also features one tactical rail.

The ranges are fairly decent on this blaster, however they don't match a Strongarms. I managed to shoot through the '50 Points' Target consistently, but that wasn't using the sights that come on the blaster. Overall, I do plan on getting this blaster as it is very fun to use. Hopefully they will have ironed out the bugs by the time this is released.

The Heartbreaker bow was disappointing. The range accuracy was poor when you wanted range and the range was poor when you wanted accuracy. Bit of a Catch 22. The bow arms served no purpose and there was a thin piece of string as the external plunger rod. I also noticed a small green piece that prevented the child to overdraw the blaster. I also noticed a hole in the Heartbreakers barrel about a 1/2" away from the tip of the barrel. There is one tactical rail on this blaster and the themes are in Pink and a Light Metallic Blue.

While I don't have many photos on the Pink Crush, I can say it's a good blaster. It has a pretty strong spring in it for a stock blaster and has extra dart storage. The handle is incredibly small but there is a good amount of power behind it. There is also one tactical rail. This is a fun little blaster.

Extra Refill packs are available for £3.99 and include 12 Rebelle Darts.

This is the dart holder attachment that holes 5 darts. I believe it comes with the Heartbreaker bow.

Overall the Rebelle line seems to be promising. It is set to be released soon.

And now, the RAPIDSTRIKE CS-18.
Where do I start. This blaster is awesome. It comes with the main blaster, one clear 18 dart clip and 18 Elite darts. Clear 18 dart clips are also available to be purchased.

The faux barrel inside is rifled and there is an attachment point for extra barrels. Also pictured is a flip up/down iron sight.

Now onto the boring stuff. I found the Rapidstrike to be really inaccurate, this was probably the darts fault, but I wasn't impressed. However the amazing speed at which it fires makes up for it completely. It fires 3.2 Darts a second which is Nerf's fastest yet.

There is also a 'sliding' stock at the back which is quite comfortable. The iron sights on this blaster don't work what so ever, which is expected from Nerf blasters. Also, it is very quiet, which is something I dislike. I enjoy a big growl from my flywheel blasters.

I recommend that you go and get a Rapidstrike when it launches on the 1/8/13.

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