Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Modified Superlative Plungerhead!

Hey guys, here's what I got for Plopper's plunger head..... i'll explain more as we go!

Pretty nice ramp, aye? (click read more)

This is what I had before any modifications. But when I put the plunger rod into the plunger tube, the larger 1 1/2 rubber washer started to fold in. Thus making gaps and losing seal.
For those who don't understand...... it's everything that is on a normal superlative BUT, a 1 1/4 OD fender washer on top of the finishing washer.

 So it gets a little bit of cup (not much) and doesn't fold over! 

It gets 110% seal + almost no friction at all! Please spend the 20 cents to buy an extra 1 1/4 fender PLEASE.

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