Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Buzz Bee Air Max 6?

   Not sure if this is post-worthy but I went to a store that is a regional chain and saw they had the new Air Max 6's there from Buzz Bee. I haven't seen them in any other stores and had to pick one up because they were only $11 and looked very interesting. I know iMod is going to come after me for making a review, but I felt like I needed to make one since I haven't posted anything for a couple of months.  Full review after the jump.

   So since I am doing a review of this I might as well add some things I like and dislike:


  • Great distance
  • Requires less pumps than the Range Master (5-6)
  • A little bit bigger than the Maverick, so it is more compact
  • Cheap price $11
  • Low capacity (though it is an air blaster, so what did you expect?)
     Now going over the blaster itself. The shell has a very comfortable handle and feel to it. The ranges get the advertised range which is 60 feet. One thing to note as said above is how compact it is. It gets the same range as a Range Master but is a lot smaller than the Range Master. A size comparison of the Air Max, Range Master, and Maverick is provided below.

Another thing to note is that since the Air Max is part of the same line as the Range Master is, the darts are the same but are black and yellow instead of yellow and purple. Also, those darts are called "Extreme Darts" instead of "regular darts". Another size comparison is below:

Top to bottom: Elite dart, Extreme dart (Range Master), Extreme Dart (Air Max),  Buzz bee dart, Whistler dart

Overall thoughts: For the cheap price of this gun and the range it gets, I would definitely get one of these if you can find one in the U.S. I do like the pump action and short amount of time it takes to pump the blaster, so this gun might just be my favorite Buzz Bee gun. Box art of this blaster can be found here. Hope you liked this post and PLEASE comment below for something to add to this post that I left out because I know that there's something I did leave out.

Pic of the internals:                                                                                                              


  1. Thanks for posting Zero :D

    I might pick one up!

  2. Thanks for the review, now I really want to get one of these to mod. Any chance of a rebarrel post in the future?

    1. I was thinking about modding it. Not sure when it'll happen though

  3. Replies
    1. That's what I felt like I was forgetting! Thanks for reminding me

  4. Are the "Extreme Darts" as dense as the Range Master's darts?

    1. Yep. So I can use my Range Master darts in this gun too

  5. It looks like a Buzz Bee version of an Airtech 3000.
    I saw one on ebay, but it seems over-priced.


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