Saturday, January 5, 2013

More Minor Changes to the Elite Alpha Trooper

   Now I know some of you might be sick or the Nerf news I have been posting *cough* iMod *cough*, but I was influenced to make a post by someone about this anyways. As you most of you have seen, you have probably seen the supposed Nerf "Elite" Alpha Trooper (down below). Now, even though it has a direct plunger tube, it doesn't appear to have the elite logo, and at first all I saw change was the elite plunger tube. Now after what I saw, the shell does appear to have some cosmetic changes to it on the inside, if you look close enough.

Full detail list after the jump.

1st Pic I am using for reference. (Scroll down more to read the rest of this post.)

Now up above are two image to use as a reference when I am stating the minor changes.
The 2nd pic is the internals of a regular Alpha Trooper, from SGnerf. (Ignore the top blaster, as it is only a Raider.)

Down below is an image I edited to show the differences. I included two reference pics because this is a ROUGH image, just showing you the areas of where to look for differences. I stated the differences down below. I might update this later with a much cleaner version of this pic, showing you the areas of change more clearly. Again, please use those two pics included above, because it helps explain this a lot more.

Green: Notice how the plastic that holds the spring and the spring itself for the trigger is at least 1/2 shorter than before in the other Alpha Trooper.

Purple: The silver screw actually moved to where the arrow is pointing. Arrow doesn't show up that well. Sorry. :L

Down below are obvious changes

Yellow: Direct Plunger Tube :-)

Blue: Two bulges or ridges on the Plunger Tube. We haven't seen this before, have we?

Pink: You can't really see it but on the original AT, that ridge there wasn't so high. Am I right or am I wrong because of perspective? 

This shows it will likely be a new Elite (or "Elite") blaster in the future, because it shows that the shell and internals have been changed besides the plunger tube. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments below. :)



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    1. I knew someone would say this comment, word for word, but anyways, thanks iMod! I spent about 10 minutes comparing the two pics side-by-side. This should disprove at least some claims as to this being fake.


  3. THE best analysis so far. LOVE this blog and the admin on it. Keep it up. I don't mod, so I'm somewhat limited in speaking about this stuff. You rock.

    1. Are you about me or iMod? :)

    2. Thanks man! Glad you like my blog. Zero did all the work on this one


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