Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AT3K-Raider Progress Pictures!

Hey guys! I know i've been slow on posts, but I haven't been that productive lately...... anyways. I was cleaning out my WIP bin and looked at my AT3K (the singled one) and remembered that some modders (Coop, Psyk, Popatachi, etc) use raiders and put tanks into them..... so I got to work!

Its not finished yet, just FYI.
More After The Jump!

The trigger is getting stuck on something.... more work :/
Can anyone guess what the tab is from? And yes, it has a breech.
Big thanks to my dad, saved my life on this thing!

Comments, flames, questions?


  1. I liked coops with the hopper feed. I plan on making one of these air blaster raider. I just can not find a bladder for the life of me and I have honestly not done much work with any air tank blasters and stuff. I need to find the internal parts to make my raider an air gun though. (bladder, tubes...all that stuff)

    1. These types of small tanks don't really have the volume to use hoppers very well, i'm not going to use this in a war or anything. Just a fun blaster :)

    2. a 3k fire quite well out of a hopper

    3. Not really, it's best with a single barrel.

    4. Its not ideal out of a hopper, but it still can get decent ranges.

  2. The tab looks like it's from a maverick barrel, but I might be wrong.

  3. Replies
    1. Can't get brass when you have no money.

  4. Ah yes--turning crap into a powerhouse. "It's just a Raider, right?" :) Can't wait to see the finished product!


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