Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tornado Update #1

Hey Guys, BBV here and this is my first update of my tornadobow. Today I've started to do some work on re-enforcements and shell work, such as

  • Draw Extension
  • Trigger linked to a new spring
  • Re-enforced the priming handle
  • Cut down on the priming handle
  • Dremel'd out the old plunger rod track for the new plunger rod.

Here are some pictures!

I still need to widen the inner plunger tube supports to handle the 40mm OD Polycarb plunger tube, and I will need to do something for the trigger, I might try to sand out the running rails for the plunger rod a bit more..

Thanks for reading 



  1. Nice! What camera do you have? the last picture is very good :)


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