Monday, February 11, 2013

First Poplar Handle!

Hello there! I recently picked up some poplar so I could stop using 2x4's.... I tested a lot with this handle, so it isn't perfect.

It was my first time using stain and clear coat on a handle.
The stain is called: Dark Walnut. Its hard to tell in the picture, but it really brings out the gold. :D
And another something I should tell you guys... I haven't received Kimosabi's package, and with the give-a-way ending in a few days. I'm going to move the end to March 1st, that means that I MIGHT ship outside the US. Please email me at: even if you're not in the US. (look at the give-a-way post if you don't know what to do!)


  1. Interesting. Gonna be making some custom handles? ;D

  2. Wait, if you already sent you an email for last time, do we have to again?
    just checking to be sure :)

    And nice job an the handle! it's looks pretty smooth. :)

    1. I'm just saying, email me for the give-a-way if you haven't already.

      And it has some flaws, but its alright. :)


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