Friday, October 26, 2012

NoM's Panther!

Compared to my Panther, ranges are similar, but NoM's are better
NoM's w/ 10 pumps- avg: 91 ft. approx.
Nom's w/15 pumps:- avg. 111 ft. approx.
Kimosabi's w/ 10 pumps- avg. 87 ft. approx.
Kimosabi's w/ 15 pumps- avg. 109 ft. approx.

How surprising!! NoM made a blaster better than me!! :P
But there is really a very small difference between ours. His ranges are probably better because of the amount of deadspace (no deadspace in NoM's; very little deadspace in mine). Or it could just be the brand difference.
He used a 3/4" - 1/2" PVC Bushing. He also plugged all the deadspace with hot glue.

It came with an 8" CPVC speed loader telescoped inside of PVC. He also reemed out the barrels, so rear loading darts is super easy!

My speed loader on top. It's 8 1/2", but that makes no difference.

The pump handle came as the original blue handle taken off, E-tape around the shaft,  1/2" PVC  over the tape, and an elbow attached to the stub of PVC with a 3/4 inch machine screw.  I epoxied on 3 inches of PVC for more area to grab on the handle.

I used the stock pump-shaft and screwed a Magstrike handle on and secured it with Epoxy.

The Pump-shafts are also different. The Buzzbee one is circular and round, whereas the Airzone one is  more of a square with grooves in it. It kinda reminds me of a Nitefinder Priming bar.

Mine is more streamline torward the front of the blaster because of the slicker, thinner pump handle, and because my CPVC coupler is hidden in the shell (because the coupler is cut in half to kill dead space)
I found that when the parts on the back of the blaster are removed, there is a difference. Even though it effects nothing, I found it interesting. (Internals are the same though)

side angle

top angle

Thanks for reading everyone! AND THANKS FOR THE PANTHER NoM!!!
and to anyone that notices something weird in this picture gets 10 points :P


  1. Wow! Great post Kimosabi! Thanks. :D

  2. So glad you like them! Deadspace reduction is very important in airguns ;)

    1. I love em! Thanks a ton! and I don't think I put enough hot glue in the little gap where you did. I'll have to check your's and replicate it! : ]

  3. This post brought attention to dead space in my air blasters, well done :D


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