Monday, October 15, 2012

Nerf Big Bad Bow Mod, Plunger Head Improvement!

Hey guys. So I opened up a BBB and noticed the seal was pretty bad, so I had to fix that! :D

I'm pretty sure this is a new modification, so if you've seen this before let me know!
Start by getting your plunger head:
 Cut these off:
 Place a  O-ring in here:
 You should have a nice cup like this:
 Now hot glue over the O-ring like this:

Place your plunger head back on and test it out!

My seal is 99.99999 but is leaking somewhere in the barrel.

Thanks for reading


  1. You could also flip out the cup and leave it in the PT for a couple hours flipped. When you flip it back, it will be even more flared out.

    This is good too though


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