Monday, January 16, 2012

singled nerf longshot

                                         Today I'm going to show my singled Nerf longshot
it only take streamline's and stefan's .

No dart.
With dart.
Here's the handle I put Foam Backer Rod in it to prevent air escaping out of the handle
idea from plopper4568.
And I put hot glue on top of the handle  for 100% air seal.
And that's my singled  Nerf longshot.


  1. were did u get the white FBR? and your welcome on the idea

  2. I get it here..

    but its wider than 1/2 so its perfect for stock barrels it does not work that well in cpvc.

  3. Ok. I get my FBR at home depot gor 3 bucks. some of my darts fit nice some would leave the berrel if i tip a gun down. i might convert to number 8 washers insted of numder6

  4. home depots fbr is the worst trust me

  5. Sly
    great mod and congrats this looks like a great mod and a brave one as well good job

  6. Sly
    Lesson learn always look over before publish


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