Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Epic BBB (Big Bad Bow)

                                                 Today I'm going to show you my Nerf big bad bow.

The stock was inspired by pause's maverick.
I cut a piece of 1/2 PVC in half to hold my 1/2 CPVC
my own mod.

                                                                   It still shoots the rockets!

It gets about 95ft angled with streamlines and about 85 feet with screamers.
And that's my epic bbb.


  1. Just looked through some of your stuff. pretty cool. i like how you managed to get the recon stock to work. too bad they are kinda flimsy. would be cool if it was red and black to match the gun too.

  2. That stock setup is neat, but not my style. Those ranges seem a little high, but where I live it's too windy to get accurate ranges most of the time.

    Does the barrel go in the coupler, because that seems like an awful lot of deadspace.

    Sooner or later I'll put up my epic BBB on my website.
    It has a reverse tactical rail on the side for attaching NF's and Mavs and stuff on the side.
    And a SS/Hornet tank on the side.
    And a party popper grenade on top.

    Useful, no. Epic, yes.

  3. If you are talking about the 2 pieces of cpvc on the top they go in to the coupler.

    And cant wait 2 see yours!


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