Wednesday, January 8, 2014

iMod Is Back! (AAbow)

Hey guys! I have slowly been getting back into Nerf and can't wait to modify much more. Anyways this will be a bit of an update but I do have something to show :P

The blog has been very slow and i'm very sorry about that, but it doesn't help that all my authors are gone. Kimo lost interest a long time ago.
Defender basically lost interest and didn't have much to modify.
And BBV accomplished everything he wanted to do in the Nerf world and quit.
That leaves the blog to one person. iModderifies. So yea, I've been doing homemades so there's more cash involved. But better blasters right? Haha i've been thinking of my next homemade (Rainbow possibly?) can't decide... Throw out some suggestions!

Now for the good stuff! I ordered 50' of pink foam from Drev so there will be a review coming soon. And last but not least..... I made another bow....teehee
(click read more!)

It hits 95ft flat with slugs... BOW POWA RULES.

Thanks for reading once again


  1. You're back! I haven't talked to BBV in 2 months so I didn't know he quit which really sucks. I'm glad you're back though because it seems like so many people have been dropping out of the hobby lately.

  2. All because of you bro! And it's winter so once the weather gets better, Nerf will pop back into action


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