Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nerf BullPup Retaliator

Hey guys! I finished up this project a few weeks ago and finally got around to post it now. It's my nerf BullPup Retaliator.

Mods done:
•Of course the BullPup mod
•AR's out
•OMW Stage 1 Retaliator kit
•Rayven Handle to put in the front
•Extension Spring from the extension barrel to the priming mech so it could go forward because of the dart tooth spring
•Cut down stock and then glued and screwed on 
•"Iron Sights" made by the recon sight and the front iron sight of the extension barrel
•Tacticool light in the front 
•Longshot priming piece glued on
•Awesome cardboard to fill up the gaps

I know this looks ghetto, due to this blaster was made with parts I had laying around! Haha. Well that's it for my Retaliator and I hope you enjoyed!


  1. This looks really nice.The entire mod looks very clean. But it would be cooler if you could hide the wiring inside the blaster. Is this possible? :D


  2. Well that's certainly unique.
    Couple of questions:
    -What was the purpose of making it bullpup and extending the stock so far?
    -Any intentions to paint the cardboard? It doesn't look nearly as cool as the rest of the blaster.

    1. It's just a fun blaster bro! And if you think that the cardboard skillz looks bad, you need your brain checked. :)

    2. Nah the cardboard shape is perfectly fine (in fact it's probably better than any cardboard work I've ever done), it's just the colour doesn't match the Elite paintscheme.

    3. New product from Hasbro... Elite Cardboard. This looks good though, very unique.


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