Thursday, August 22, 2013

Modman712's +bow Review

Hey guys! I recently received a work of art in the mail! Here it is.
It was made by Modman712. 
Overview of the blaster:
•Thumbhole Stock modeled off of NoM's
•Around 80% seal
•K26 spring getting about 7 1/2 inches of draw
•Facerape guard on the back of the blaster made by 1 1.5 inch PVC painted black
•Perfect clean cuts
•Wet sanded the edges of the sideplates
•Rounded trigger and pullback handle
•Rubberband for trigger spring (click read more)

The blaster is very clean in my opinion. Nice clean perfect cut's. It's VERY comfy. The trigger is sanded very  nicely. As well as the pullback handle. Very fast shipping! Thumbholestock is very comfy. It's stained as well with his signature on the bottom of it. 

There's very few cons. First, there is a little problem with the blaster when it's close to catching. Second, the seal is not 100% seal, but it's the screw going through the bushing. And third, that's kind of it.

Overall I give this blaster a 10/10 and wouldn't hesitate to do business with Modman712 again!
7 1/2 inches of draw
Close to full compression
Money shot.


  1. You're going to want to switch out that rubber band for a extension springs. Rubber corrodes thus loses tension over time.

    Other than that, it looks pretty solid.

    1. You could switch it out, but it is cheaper to just switch it out with another rubber band later.

  2. Lucky. Looks like a great blaster

  3. Wow, you are very lucky to have this blaster. What barrel length are you using for it?


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