Friday, May 10, 2013

Another Update!

Hey there viewers, hope i've been putting up some OK posts lately for you to view. BUT, I have some fun things coming your way! Such as:

▓ PumpSnap 3.0 (still working on it)

▓ Review of BBV's 3K spacers

▓ Shout outs

 ▓  3K (still WIP at the moment)

▓ And the finished 3K raider
Also, we haven't been getting as many comments as I used to. Why so? Have the posts on this blog been a bit boring to you? Let us know below!


P.S. comment if you viewed this post, to show some support? :)


  1. Laag, I'll get some posts up soon for you.

  2. I also think you should take away the recaptcha because it is kind of annoying. You might have always had it but I almost guarantee there would be more comments if you took it away.

    1. Alright, I took it off for a while. But the spam got me fast.

  3. This is a comment to show this post some support

  4. Nothing against it, but posts have been really slow, so I haven't been checking as frequently, and when I finally do it's usually not some of your best posts.

    I guess there was something different about them a while ago, maybe they were longer? I don't know personally...
    I also agree with Drev, for me it always fully logs me out of my blogger when I post, so having to log in every time makes me a bit more hesitant.

    I'm not sure what else...
    I think the main thing is posts have been slow, which ussually makes people less iterested.

    Sorry for the long comment :P


  5. Awhile ago you were posting more things now you are just posting pictures

  6. Thanks for the comments guys! I guess i've been a bit lazy.

    1. No offense of course.... none taken hopefully? :)


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