Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nerf Recon Stock Mod by jds8585 :P

1st. Take apart the clip holder
2nd. Pull the safety pins out of the stock that holds it to the connector piece, ( there are 2 of them, i would use a hammer and small screwdriver, i used a rock and a thumbtack... maybe some pliers )
3rd. Get a fury fire cylinder/turret ( experiment with different turrets/ cylinders. ex: barricade cylinder, spectre cylinder, maverick cylinder etc...)
 4th. Slide the cylinder/turret on the BOTTOM rod of the recon stock
5th. In the clip holder, there is a piece of plastic the goes in the hole on the recon stock, snap that piece of plastic off and slide the top guide hole onto the bottom rod on the stock, holding the turret/ cylinder in place
6th. When your done it should look like this ( maybe with a different cylinder)and it should still hold clips.
- jds8585 Happy modding : )

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